About Me


Since I was young I’ve gravitated towards various artistic mediums. Drawing and Photography were some of earliest passions, but in University I discovered 3D and I’ve been working in the video games industry ever since.  These jobs have taken me to various places (including overseas), but although I work in the big city now I grew up in small village in the West Country.


I like to be different, which has currently pushed my photography to the infra-red spectrum. I love to experimental with photography techniques and am addicted to technology in general

   Traditional Art

I like to sketch, which has mostly been digital for a while, but I don’t get time to do much and I really wish I could do more.


I’m a 3D artist for video games. My current day job involves making external environments for Batman: Arkham Knight (Rocksteady, Warner Brothers). Here are some other projects I’ve worked on:

Batman: Arkham City (Rocksteady, Warner Brothers) – 2009>

Killzone 2 & Killzone Liberation (Guerrilla, Sony) – 2005-2008

Pro Race Driver & Colin McRae Rally (Codemasters) – 2000-2005


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